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Commercial & Residential Property Managers and Property Consultants
These are the agents we use for our commercial lettings.
Camberley, Surrey
London Clancy
Selby, Yorkshire
Briggs Burley
Ruislip, Middlesex
Martyn Gerrard
Watford, Hertfordshire
Aitcheson Rafferty
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Bowyer Bryce
Lambert Smith Hampton
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Costs involved
When renting a properly you should consider all of the following costs in order to work out how much you can realistically afford to spend on a properly. If you are unsure about your budget please feel free to speak to a member of the Hughes Management’s Team. We’ll be happy to help.

One-off costs

You must pay a deposit for any properly you are renting. Hughes Management will hold this for the duration of your tenancy. If necessary, your deposit will be used to pay for any cleaning, missing inventory items and damage to the property or contents at the end of your tenancy. Please refer to your lease for further details.
Removal costs
The cost of furniture removal will vary between different companies, so it’s advisable to get a few quotes before you move.
Telephone connection
There will be telephone points throughout the property but it is your responsibility to get connected. You will need to call BT or Telewest and organise for them to visit the property.

On-going costs

The rental prices advertised do not include Council Tax or utilities. The rent will be due each calendar month on the same date e.g. if you moved into the properly on the 2nd of a month, your rent will be due on the 2nd of each month thereafter.

The rent will vary depending on size, location, and standard of properly. So you must be realistic about your budget and your requirements.
Council Tax
As a tenant you are responsible for the Council Tax on a properly. Each properly is banded, and Council Tax can vary between £80 and £300 per month, and there is a 25% discount for single occupancy. So it is essential that you check this cost before applying for a properly.
Gas and electricity
As a tenant you are responsible for the gas and electricity bills. You will be billed on a quarterly basis and the amount will depend upon the usage of the gas and electricity within the property.

The total monthly amount for gas and electricity in a large one-bedroom properly will work out at around £45 per month but this will fluctuate according to time of year
Telephone bill
Please allow for a quarterly line rental charge (approx. £25) plus the cost of the calls you make.
As you will have many of your own possessions in the property, it is advisable to take out your own contents insurance.
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Advice for Clients
Hughes Management offers to all its Clients an all embracing service, with the essential rent collection, finding new tenants and fully vetting them, ensuring that the tenants are properly serviced, organising all the necessary gas and electric checks, and making sure all service personnel are on hand when required, even after hours.

We ensure that all income is accounted to the client as promptly as possible and liaise with other professionals employed by the client i.e. accountants solicitors etc.Paying the necessary tax for overseas clients if required.

For the management services offered a very modest fee is required both for residential management and commercial management depending on the level of service required.

For individual requirements and service required please do not hesitate to contact us so that a tailor make service can be discussed

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